my youtube channel name is majelleabell, check it out if you'd like! now the box looks silly if it's not filled. time to rambled. i like game of thrones and read constantly. i believe in bravery and magical lands. longing for a something more than everyday life.


option number one: grab my book (the spectacular now) and go for a ride. drive far away and just sit in the car and read until i’m done

option number two: go make some fucking harry potter cupcakes like i said i would


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julie pond reminded me how much i loved this photoshoot. that cardigan’s ripped to shreds and i have no clue where my scarf even is anymore (narnia?) but ah i love these colours!! i got commissioned to paint dobby and can finally start since my first year of college is done! hurrah for a summer in which there’s still snow on the ground. 

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spent the day eating and puking, and my hungover self thought it would be a splendorous idea to buy wigs online. now that i feel better i’m so excited for it to come in. a secret identity. i can make up my own characters and be them, even just for a little while. the thing about money is that it always goes, but always comes. 

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#FFFF00#FFC0CB (Yellow / Pink), Elena Fortunati

the lemon one

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Showing people my progress work on archer!Kristoff since I’ve been asked a few times by people who missed the livestream.


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in two years i’m going to take the exact same photo with a husky in a pretty country just you all wait

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feeling so grateful. i’m cheese. 

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in other news, i want a boy who i can literally come up with a made up world with. like we each make countries and towns and cultures and creatures and then add them all together. then maybe write a book where i write a chapter and he does the next. actually, it doesn’t even need to be a boy, a friend to write with would be phenomenal.

there’s this dad at my work and he’s the epitome of what i want in a husband so nerdy and bookish and gangly and i would talk to him but i would feel bad about taking away him from his family ya know

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April 15, 2014

B. Steady on repeat

like a brown haired scarlett johansson

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two exams today and work for seven hours. trying to cream positiveness into my day so that i don’t go beserk. on the plush side, i got my direwolf, apron in. going to bake harry potter cupcakes tomorrow if i get around to it. celebrating the end of first year of college. sorting hat’s off

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suck punch is the best movie ever made, costumes, soundtrack, plot twist, ending, zack snyder, my hats (i don’t have a hat) off to you

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